A Swift Expiry // 0000000

by Gasoline Fight

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Both tracks recorded live at the Gas Station.

Watch the music video for 0000000 (Unclean Live) here:


released January 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Gasoline Fight Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: A Swift Expiry (demo)
drunk and in the streets
full of scotch and rum
think you’re hot shit
fucking test me son
the frat boy shit
is long overdone
the night has just begun
you’re already fucking dumb

misogyny and violence
forced vow of silence
pussies, fucking spineless
render them lifeless

ignorance is bliss
oh excuse me miss
kiss my fucking gritz

do it
pull the fucking trigger you cunt
you are so fucking fake
Track Name: 0000000 (Unclean Live)
burn / blister
buried / forgotten
feel the steel / against my skull
inferno / time to let go

blacken the ground / standing under
heat cooling down / bones exposed
check the dental records / forge a temporary name
ashes won’t always / bring about new life

dust / ashes
back / to dust

turned into an inhalant
7 circles / you live here now
get used to it fucking punk
this is hell