Reason to Die

by Gasoline Fight

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released February 17, 2017

Trevor Baker - Vocals
Ryan Stevens - Guitars
Erick Hill - Bass

Shane Mills - Drums
Micayla Dawson - Trumpets on track 4



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Gasoline Fight Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Schuberty
Illusory tale
Ending Denial
Get fucking used to it
Last visions of my pistol grip
Idle hands go best
Wrapped Around arms
Racing in my head
Born ready, spewing lead
Astray freight of ones left
for dead better
Almost as good as underground
Or empty bled
Wishing for life to end
The disease.
Aspirations crushed
Livestock becoming dust
Their lives of pleasure bring
Disgust screaming
Taking life like it means shit
(it) don’t

All these deficiencies
Gone with the trigger squeeze
Death dealing with ease
And moving without mercy

A man, a gun, the future
Changed by one six shooter
Necrosis of malignant tumor
Delivered at the end of a ruger

Torn apart
Hunting humans
Create ruins
This is a cry for help
Save me from this hell
Your only god
Track Name: Autothysis
A new moon
Earth's precipice
God cares not for dead cosmonauts
Bone damage

Drown in your own puke
fill up your space suit
Terror absolute
Cold war prostitute
Fuck i’m burning up
Command is corrupt
Mission end abrupt
Shuttle deconstruct
Suicide mission
Nuclear fission
Too much ambition
Now depressurize
Mission has capsized
Same old used reprise
Wait for my demise

Doomed by arrogance
Withhold evidence
Left no skeleton
Only charred remains
An open casket
Smells melted plastic
Sight bureaucratic
Cauterize tragic
Eighteen orbit’s deep
Parachute failing
Consciousness fading
Hit the earth’s casing
Descent module
Now filled with offal
The vessel awful
Now a new fossil

A pillar of black smoke
Molten metal drips slow
Burned through
Old news

People's champion turned to a lump

Silver cord
Now severed
Hurled from earth
Left for good

A dog into space, damned
One way mission, no return was programmed
Observations that i can’t understand
Too terrified in the capsule i’m crammed
A martyr , slaughtered by the motherland
My only wish is this rocket would land
My only wish is this rocket would land

Autothysis god speed comrade
Track Name: A Pawn's Lust To Expand
Dreaming of places
With holes in the floor
Barely supportive
Structurally unsure
Dreaming of people
I’ve seen before
Cheerfully smiling
Not me they’re looking for

I told him that he wasn’t real
He sat unsure how to feel
He was upset that he couldn’t be my friend
I was upset that I’d never see him again so
We parted ways / consciousness strained
Still in a haze / so I left that place
At the gates / real life awaits
A better fate / or a dragon chase

Full blown mental breakdown
Sea of simulations / I’m beginning to drown
Under the weight / I’ve become innate
The newest update/ live in buffer state
I’m / not real / left wanting / to feel

Dissociate /cannot collate
Degenerate /then medicate

Wrapped in
Red tape

Burdening me
With thoughts of
Vanilla skies

Do / you / believe / in a / god?
Track Name: 47 + 1
Hailed as a gift from heaven
Only mercy in this, space
Morphed into unwelcome presence
Hope you like that tablet taste

I am 48
Left alone / separate

Take too many / fifteen twenty
So damn edgy / cut up deadly
Hit the medley / clear it empty
Ingest heavy / O.D. already

47 men before me
Went where I have gone
And all of them left their mark
On what I called my home

You probably think this shit is about you
Attention starved junkie fucking cunt
I was with you when you came to
I guess a clear life with me was too much
So regale the mist/ I don’t give a shit
The sebaceous cyst? / I got over it
Take these hits / can’t commit
To anything / fuck it

Collapse / drop dead
Fucked in /the head
Left for / Nothing
Better off dead

Waste of fucking verse
Track Name: Wraith
I want your soul swallow it whole

Your only true purpose is death
Pretend you have anything left
Say that you feel so very blessed
Tomorrow you’ll still be depressed

I’m your nightmare cause of despair

Runs through My veins
Not the same
I’m your pain

I let her die / It’s real life
Not a dream / You hear me
In your sleep / You can’t keep
Me down deep / I arise
I’ve designed / Your decline
Still confined / And you wreak
Still of weak / ness it seems
You can’t be / anything

Say you hate yourself
Well i fucking hate you too
Your pride knows no bounds
Your facade i see through
Force fed your hubris
Taste the fucking dread
Try hard bullshit
I wish you were dead

Get / fucked / to / death
Choke / on / your / last

Shove me down and tell yourself you’ll be okay
We both know that you don’t believe the bullshit that you say
You wish to die as much as us in spite of your cliches
And no matter what you do, it will never go away

Let this be a reason to die
Let this be a reason to die
End your miserable fucking life
You are my reason to die