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I want your soul swallow it whole

Your only true purpose is death
Pretend you have anything left
Say that you feel so very blessed
Tomorrow you’ll still be depressed

I’m your nightmare cause of despair

Runs through My veins
Not the same
I’m your pain

I let her die / It’s real life
Not a dream / You hear me
In your sleep / You can’t keep
Me down deep / I arise
I’ve designed / Your decline
Still confined / And you wreak
Still of weak / ness it seems
You can’t be / anything

Say you hate yourself
Well i fucking hate you too
Your pride knows no bounds
Your facade i see through
Force fed your hubris
Taste the fucking dread
Try hard bullshit
I wish you were dead

Get / fucked / to / death
Choke / on / your / last

Shove me down and tell yourself you’ll be okay
We both know that you don’t believe the bullshit that you say
You wish to die as much as us in spite of your cliches
And no matter what you do, it will never go away

Let this be a reason to die
Let this be a reason to die
End your miserable fucking life
You are my reason to die


from Reason to Die, released February 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Gasoline Fight Minneapolis, Minnesota

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